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  7th-8th September 2019 the FINAL REUNION at ‘The Deers Hut’

" Save the date now for an unmissable – and most probably the last – reunion, when we’re planning to celebrate not only the 50th anniversary of a famous Double Decker bus departing from Liphook, but also to gather together everyone who has fond memories of their glory days in Liphook some 40, 50 (or even 60) years ago.

We’re going to hold our celebration over the whole weekend. The main event takes place from lunchtime to 6pm on Sunday 8th September, with a less formal social gathering on the evening of Saturday 7th September, all at ‘The Deers Hut’. The featured musical guests at the Sunday event will be “The Vanguards”, “The Pompey Pluckers” and “Peter Paul & Mary’s Brother” with, of course, an appearance of what remains of “The Philanderers” and “The Procal Turdum”, while on the Saturday evening there will be even more time to socialise and reminisce as films and recordings recall the events of all our yesterdays!

You need to get these dates in your diary and register your interest NOW to avoid missing out. A quick response letting us know that you’d like to reserve tickets is all that’s necessary. We’d also like you to send us your email address, and also the contact details for everyone you can think of who should also be invited. Email to info@pillock.org

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure you’re there. You can be sure that there will never be anything quite like this again!!

Call Pillock Organisation on (01428) 724813

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